Open Class

The team from American Renaissance School (6-8 grades) worked to plan for the implementation of “Open Class” in Powerschool for the upcoming school year. Following a DPI video orientation, the team discussed specific points including student access for posting and for responding to peer posts. We explored the site features and tools and considered various concerns regarding implementation.

After a review of the site, the team discussed ways to use linking content inside the page, the exchange feature and discussion board for students, universal access to all course content, online submission of assignments and assessments, data-driven tools for grouping students for collaborative activities and assignments. With each topic, deeper discussion ensued, during which time we were able work out details that might arise during implementation.

The team discussed the ramifications of blended learning, specifically related to Open Class, including how our school will implement, expectations for all users, should all classes be required to use the tool, and what are the policy implications for Open Class. 50% of all assignments for first semester will be submitted via Open Class and other electronic means, with a goal of 75% by year’s end. This should eliminate the need for DropBox. Create a common framework for course organization.

We discussed Non-negotiables as well as norms for Open Class. Discussed the logistics to inputting and updating grades.